Monday, October 5, 2009

Lucy, I'm Home!

A big thanks to all who expressed interest (some of it great) in reading my blog! I've been encouraged by you all to post more regularly and keep you updated on my joys and frustrations, success and failures, my goals, hopes and dreams.
Hopefully along with my interests and what I'm doing I'll post a bunch of photos - which I take anyway and never seem to post.
Please check out my links if they interest you; I'm rather selective in the links I choose for my blog - only my favorites and all of my friends. If you don't see your blog address and would like to, please email me and I'll add it. You can also opt to not share your bloglink, and I won't be offended. Again, email!

ALSO!!! Every now and then I have a GIVEAWAY on my blog. IF you're interested, please respond as instructed and I'll choose a random winner. For my part, I'll have a specific treat in store, rather than my usual "I'll make you something cool" which usually refers to me sewing something personal for the winner. (And which I have never yet had the opportunity to do :).

So that's that. I have some fun (at least for me) ideas of things to post so that you can more properly delve into my personal life - and since you all like me I'm sure they'll be interesting to you, too!


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