Monday, October 5, 2009

Who is Anah?

Some of you have asked why I sometimes use the name Anah.

Who is Anah? Why does she Rock? Does it refer to my daughter Ana?

Contrary to convention I'll answer the last question first.
Does Anah refer to my daughter?
And there you have it.

Anah came into "existence" long before Ana was born. Also before Jack was born. But not as long before.
She actually started out as Ana Ng, the name taken from the TMBG song Ana Ng. Ana was the first character I created (with a lot of help from "Pete") and then played nearly weekly for the next two years with my GURPS friends. (GURPS = Generic Universal Role Playing System)

Why does she Rock?
She's way pretty. And she's got "Mad Skilz". She is super awesome with a bow and spear. She once shot someone in the eye - in the dark - with an arrow. She's got combat reflexes, sadism (fun to play!) and most fun of all, she's a weirdness magnet. And with Jonathan as GM, it was weird. And tons of fun. She's also way cool in other ways, but I won't bore you with details.

"Anah" is my open ID name, taken from Ana Ng and the H added to distinguish between my character and also Ana was taken (go figure).
I kept the name because Ana Ng was my favorite character of all and the campaign was also my favorite of everything I've played in the RP genre.

Happy Memories.

And that's the truth.

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