Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

Since I rarely post, and people even more rarely comment, I'm forced to conclude that nobody reads my blog. So I'm considering not posting anymore in the forseeable future. This blog would turn into a place for me to keep all of the other blogs that I check on and links that I visit. So, if you do read my blog (when I post), please comment on this, and I may reconsider my decision. Thanks, It's



Lise said...

Your blog is on my reading list so Google reader pops it up when you post something new. So I am able to keep up on what you post. Have you tried Google reader to keep up on the blogs you read. It is so much easier that going to each blog and checking if there is something new. Hope all is well!

Julie said...

I check yours every once in a while. I hardly have time to write myself -- or at least, I don't feel I deserve to spend my time writing because that's what I LIKE to do, not what I HAVE to do. Besides, I have been putting off my own blog until I have some good news to speak of.

Speaking of writing, Teah, I still didn't get a response back about what copywriting is. Do you make money at it? Do you know how I might make money at writing online?