Thursday, March 27, 2008

And Then There Were Four

Katherine Anastasia Elizabeth Petersen has finally joined our family.
Jack looked at her right after she was born and said "I love my baby sister."
Even though labor lasted about twenty hours, I spent almost all of it at home. I had Ana about twenty minutes after I got to the hospital.
She has dark hair, big dark eyes and an olive complexion. (Very different from Jack who was pale with red hair). She has the cutest smile and her eyes light up when she's happy. She's already trying to talk and almost can say "hi". Okay, so she's only two months old so it's rather more just making sounds, but it sounds like "hi" and she uses it at the right times. She can roll from her belly to her back, and onto her sides, and she's working on creeping. I love to watch her hold up her head, her core muscles are very strong and get more of a workout than mine.
She's a joy to have around. It seems she is more temperamental than Jack, but maybe I just don't remember how he was at two months old. It's all good, we'll train her up right and then she'll be a happy and obedient little girl. I love her and I'm glad she came to our family. It's really cool that I already feel such a connection and such a deep love for Ana. I'm just happy she's here.

Here's a picture - Katherine Anastasia Elizabeth, 3 days old.
In the picture above (with her eyes open) she's three weeks.

Her eyes focus now and she's able to follow us with her eyes when we move, and she recognizes us when we walk by. She's a lot of fun. I really enjoy watching her grow and learn new things. It's fun to teach her about mortal life. It's exciting to feel like - here, let me show you all these cool things you can do! Let's start by crawling so you can get around. And here are some really yummy things to eat - you'll like them. And here's this neat thing, and this other neat thing. Ooh, and look over here at this! You'll love doing this!

It's just way so much fun to be a mom. I love it.

(If you want details email me, as I don't want to post them on the net, and it's so much more amusing to listen to me tell the labor details. What a joke!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two of my favourite things

So once again, we find ourselves with a gaming group. yay! I still like our old group better, but I am happy to be gaming again. We just ended a campaign; it lasted only about 4 weeks. As individuals the characters were good, but as a group, they didn't really have any reason to be together. Also, and more importantly, their skills and attributes didn't really work well together. Hopefully this next group (a group of mages) will be more cohesive. We've only been playing Gurps, instead of also card/board games. It's because most of the people in our group haven't RPG'd for a really long time and they're so excited to play that they only want to RPG. It's kind of amusing to watch them get back into the RPG zone. None of us are really there yet, but that's also due to us getting to know each other. It'll get there. Or not. Either way, it'll be fun while it lasts.

Another of my favourite things is that my freelance copywriting business has taken off. I'm only working part time. I tried to work full time but ended up being angry at my family (for not letting me work as much as I wanted to [read: for needing me to take care of them]) and angry at myself for not meeting my obligations (both familiar and professional). So I decided to cut back to part time.
I couldn't get more than 4 hours a day anyway, but with two kids - 3 yrs. and 2 mos. - and my husband taking a light load of 17 credits at the University, I figured 4 hours a day was great. And it doesn't over tax my sanity.
I'm really glad I have this assignment; I love writing copy. It makes me happy.