Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving On...

Right, so,  lately it's so quiet on my blog....sorry about that. I've been busy with the kids and Joseph and I've been mostly lazy with blogging, having wasted my blogging time on Facebook. But now I'm caught up with friends and relationships have been resurrected and established. So I feel less lonely now, which makes me happier to do my housework and do the mom/wife thing. 

Joseph's Spring Semester at SUU is over and we're entering the summer semester soon. It's both really nice and disconcerting to have him home all the time. The marriage thing is working well and we're still ironing out the kinks and getting to know each other and how we work together. If he were still in the Army it would be about time for him to be deployed again. Not because of the date, but because it's usually at this point in our relationship that his unit deployed. So then I'd have to get used to being a married/single mom and then just as I got used to that routine he'd come home and we'd have to start at the beginning again, getting to know how we both had changed and how those changes affected our marriage, our kids, ourselves. BUT, this time we get to move past that point together and move on together and it's both strange and wonderful and frustrating and a joy. 

We've decided that I get to go to SUU this Fall. I'm really exited and overwhelmed by the whole thing. I love to learn and meet new people and expand my intellect. I've gotten so used to my own little universe inside my flat with my kids and my husband who flits in and out on a whim that the World of Academia seems rather frightening. I've decided to get an English degree, grammar emphasis (at SUU they call it a Teaching Emphasis, but the only teaching I'd prefer to do is at the collegiate level. And really the only difference is the inclusion of intense grammar courses).  I'm going to start out with one class in the Fall so that I can get back in the habit of going to school while still being a mother/wife/homemaker. So yay for school!

I've also started getting a routine again, keeping up with the housekeeping and the kids and meals, all while Joseph is around and changing my plans. Now that I'm mostly back on schedule I'll be able to vanquish the black holes of clutter, namely the hall closet, and the two chairs in my bedroom. From there I'll straighten my bedroom closet and my two desk drawers. Maybe I'll even get to sell my stamps on ebay! Small flats can be a blessing! 

I'm also picking up sewing again, now that my machine is back from the shop. So all of you who commented on my Facebook note 25 Physical Real-World Things, I have been thinking of things for you! And I also have a surprise for my lovely (and one of my fav. people although she probably doesn't realize it) sister in law Gretchen, who has been going through a bout of cancer treatments with sunshine in her heart. 

So if you haven't yet, follow the link and comment - Only four people have so far! 25 Physical Real-World Things

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