Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Autumn!

Now that I've gotten Twilight out of my system and fall is here I've been feeling the urge to create something. Mostly to sew something to wear. I've also been wanting to buy clothes that look really good on me (I found a new website but unfortunately they all cost upward of $50. And we are a poor college student family right now. Also with the economy slipping ("society is slipping, everything's slipping away" - if you can reference this quote reply and I'll sew you something and send it your way) what I really want to do is sew designer clothing so that I can wear them. :)
I'm also going to make Jack and Ana's Halloween costumes (and if I have time, mine and Joseph's, but what to be?). Jack wants to be Peter Pan and he wants Ana to be Tinkerbell. So, easy, right? I guess I'll find out.
Also There Is NO TULLE On Tinkerbelle! (FYI).
In my Current Projects: Right now I need to wash some duck cloth and outdoor home deco fabric for a square bottom bag I'm making out of this fabric (see photo). The orange is the duck cloth which I will use on the bottom, it is very sturdy. The other two are lighter fabric, but I'll want to be able to wash it now and then and not have it bleed or go lumpy.
I'm also working on a small jean patch quilt for one of the kids - I think Jack - on which I will embroider (with my new sewing/embroidery machine!) caterpillars, kittens and puppies and the like.
Another project in my bin that I've had forever is a costume dress from Simplicity, I'm sewing the blue one in the top left corner (follow the link).
And my oldest project is a patchwork quilt for my sister which I started years ago before my old sewing machine broke. (The one I recently bought is to replace this machine, so I haven't had one for over 4 years ;o(. )
I haven't started the Halloween costumes yet, but as it is now October, I feel it weighing on me that it's not done yet. I think I'll get everything for the costumes tomorrow (which means Joseph and I have to pick ours for the masquerade tonight) - it's errand day so I get the car!


Virginia Janet said...

Good going..! Well, I too working on a Halloween project.

Linda said...

You have a machine that EMBROIDERS?!?!? I'm so jealous! Here's my confession to YOUR EYES only. As you know, there have been three recent deaths in the immediate family in the past 18 months -- G'ma, G'pa, and Aunt Marianne, right? The family members swooped in after all three events and took all the "goodies" they wanted. Which is fine. I did have my eye on a couple of things, but I didn't say anything or even THINK out loud. And my interest in them was pretty mild anyway. With one exception: Marianne's sewing machine that embroiders!!! The day after M's service, John told everyone to come and get anything they wanted. We went early in the day. Well, guess what?! The machine had been captured by the OTHER Marianne THE NIGHT BEFORE!!! Sigh . . . I was too late. Shame on me for even WANTING it, right???

Your blog is fun to read.

Did you get my group epistle in the mail yet?

Did you get my note suggesting you model that outfit on Gretchen's blog the next time you visit?

You're a NUT!

Love you!